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A new line of high quality array  loudspeakers, with a new slim design, broad range of colours and improved high frequency coverage designed for the correct sound distribution in reverberant environments such as churches. The larger models feature a variable horizontal frequency response: were the ambient allows it, this feature can be switched-in to give the horizontal lobe a broader frequency response than the traditional models.

The columns feature a curved plywood body that is light an extremely resistant. A new loudspeaker has been developed, on our specification, by a leading manufacturer for this new series of columns. It features a broad frequency response and low distortion.

Electrical connection to the transformer is inside the column, but easily accessible: a plus both from the appearance and from the safety viewpoints.

This column line has been devised to give the freedom to choose among a huge number of colour combinations. In fact the body, the caps, the frames and the front screen can be painted separately in order to meet special requests from architects.

9-loudspeaker column designed for large rooms with high reverberation that badly affects intelligibility. Switchable normal-wide horizontal high frequency response