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Lh16 880


Vertical linear array loudspeaker
It represents the most recent improvement in the research of new solutions for the emissions directivity control in the environment. Following the experience with the previous LS and LSG series, the LH lines are the ideal answer for installations where high purity characteristics and a wide audio band are required.It has been engineered to minimize the sound diffusion towards the top of the room, thus reducing the sound bouncing back from the ceiling. Its voice is extremely balanced thanks to the high linearity and wide frequency range, covering down to 100Hz. Optimised  for an appropriate emission lobe towards the audience, it is equipped with an ALS switch (Asymmetric Lobe Switch) for the selection of the emission tilt on the vertical axis. For this reason a minimal tilt  in the wall installation (< 5°, according to the height) is required.
The cabinet of LH16/8 line array is wholly manufactured with bended plywood and finished in natural wood colour, acrylic white or grey.These loudspeakers can be supplied in a wide range of colours and chromatic combinations, to fit in particularly demanding environments.