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 pc40625 800


The PC40625 is a dual channel digital device performing function as router, parametric equalizer, dynamic controller and delay line. The functional blocks can be selected for different configurations. The high flexibility in programming makes it ideal for solving a large series of problems in fixed installations, providing three configurations recalled directly from front panels buttons or additional 5 presets recalled via RS232 remote controls.This device use the technology of high resolution converters and a 24 bit DSP processing in order to obtain an high S/N in any operating conditions. Inputs and Outputs are electronically balanced, each channel can be used also with an insert stereo jack connection. A numeric password is provided to avoid unauthorized changes in the presets.The functions based on a matrix mixing for combining the 2 input channels on the two output channels, delay, Peq Eq and a 3 sections dynamic controller can be arranged according the particular needs.
The equalizer section provides 4 sections for each input and 6 sections for the output and two bell/shelf type filters, high pass and low pass with variable slope.The dynamic controller provide a series of sections such and AGC at the input of the signal, a two band compressor with frequency selection and a final limiter. The PC40625 provides also an auxiliary subwoofer output channel with level control and frequency cut (50÷300 Hz); it can be linked to input1 or input2.Three presets with direct recall and 5 preset with serial remote control access.
Main features:

  • Two balanced inputs and outputs; 2 jack insert connections;
  • One balanced output for subwoofer with cut off regulation (50÷300Hz) and level (-10 ÷ +6dB);
  • Three frontal presets with fine regulation of the level with backpanel trimmers;
  • External programmability with RS232 connection and Windows based program
  • Ten Peq filters (gain +6 ÷ 16dB Q: 0,2÷100), HP-LP bell or shelving configuration  (-6dB/oct or -12dB/oct)
  • Password to avoid unintentional and unauthorized access.
  • High dynamic headroom
  • DPSSR (Digital Power Supply Safety Reset)