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Fs41505 250


FS41505 join the new 1/2 unit rack mount line. Made nto a small metal cabinet, they are compact and compatible with the RJ-OMNYAbus used in OMNYA products. The two units have the balanced inputs and outputs with two different configurations of the controls. The FS41505 has the controls of frequency shift on the back panel; on the front panel are placed the LEDs for VU, Clip and modulation. The FS41508 has the controls on the front panel LEDs plus the frequency control, bypass switch and shift switch. The circuit derives from the well known FS41501,which eliminates the problems of noise modulation.
Main features of FS41505:

  • Shift frequency adjustable from 1,5 to 6Hz.
  • Increase of 6-8 dB in the stability margin, depending on environmental conditions.
  • BYPASS switch.
  • Delayed insertion at switch-on.
  • Fast start operation.
  • Balanced input and output