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Am41453 01600


AM41443 belongs to a new generation of automatic mixers under the OMNYA brand, the OMNYAmix serie.

It is a small mixer working both manually and automatically, with a total modularity that avoids  real limits to the number of channels. This also means that more AM41443s can be installed locally or in different places and controlled through a PC connection or a remote control panel.

It can work as manual or automatic stand-alone or  through a USB port controlled mode. 

An RS485 port is ready for a propietary control protocol, while one RS232 is for Crestron/AMX external control.

The AM41443 main characteristic is that the audio signal is analogic. The high quality microphone front end maintains a very low distortion and a maximum signal/noise ratio. With its 26dB headroom it guarantees a perfect result in any condition. This automatic mixer is produced in a ½ rack unit metallic box.

A powerful microcontroller manages the control functions, the internal functions, the network supervision and the links with the panel or the controlling PC.

The AM41443 has 3 independent balanced outputs. The main output works through a volume control on the front panel. The second output, also having a trimmer volume control, can serve a separate group of amplification devices. The third output can create a chain of several automatic mixers through a RJ45 shielded connection cable containing the audio and the control line data. 

An output group can be managed by a tri band equalizer adjusting the curve. The input channels can be divided into two groups for particular use such as in broadcast applications with ambience microphones.

This device works with 12-32V external source and can give power supply up to 3 AM41443 with no need of further power sources.

The firmware updates available on internet are easily installed through the USB port.